Dried reishi, reishi mushroom

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Beautiful dried wild reishi mushroom, carefully picked  by our eco friendly foragers. 

Reishi is a wonderful rich immune boosting antioxidant. It has many wonderful properties.

Simply simmer wild dried Reishi in pure water for minimum 30 minutes. (It can be longer, and you can re simmer 3-4 times). Any left over can be stored in a glass jar in the fridge for later use.

We like to add Reishi to any slow simmering stew or soup, especially drying the winter months, this is a great way for an extra boost. 

We add dried Reishi to chicken soups and beef stews and everything else we spontaneously come up with.

Mix in your favorite local unpasteurized honey for a milder flavour.

Great for infusions and tinctures as well.

Available in 50gr or 100gr format